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Home Application and Fulfillment System (HAFS) 

The Ministry of Housing, as part of its information technology initiative, is in the process of implementing it Home Application and Fulfillment System (HAFS) within the Ministry and its Agencies (Land Settlement Agency, National Housing Authority and Sugar Industry Labour Workers Committee).  HAFS is designed to enable the Ministry and its Agencies to do the following: 

  • More accurately determine the demand for housing;
  • Facilitate a more efficient processing of home applications;
  • Provide developers with more accurate projections of housing demands;
  • Manage the IDB Subsidy Process by facilitating the identification and processing of qualified applicants;
  • Facilitate the allocation of alternate housing options to applicants not qualified for new home mortgages; and
  • Facilitate the introduction of innovative programs to assist home applicants to become qualified.

Deploying the HAFS on the Internet allows for the following: 

  • The ability for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to enter and update their application information at their convenience;
  • The facilitation of more applications being recorded and easily updated; and
  • Easier and efficient interactions between the Ministry and home applicants.

So start the process Towards Your Way Home, apply online today!

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