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The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) is instrumental in realizing Government’s plan to develop the country’s urban centres. This plan involves the construction of facilities to provide core public sector services, cultural and sporting arenas as well as the preservation of our unique historical buildings. It is expected that these projects will revitalize and re-energize our citizens’ pride in our nation’s cities.

The downtown location of government’s public sector zone which includes the International Waterfront Complex, Ministry of Education Tower and the Government Plaza, provides for seamless transactions between the public service and their clients. The same can be said for the newly constructed police stations and fire stations throughout the country which are expected to enhance the service delivery experience of our citizens.

UDeCOTT has also introduced the Micro and Small Contractors’ Incubator Proposal which seeks to assist micro and small contractors in developing their technical and financial capabilities and helping them grow their businesses. In these challenging economic times, this initiative ensures that even the smallest contractor is able to contribute and share in the country’s wealth distribution.