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The Home Construction Subsidy provides funding of up to TT$50,000 to assist families with the construction of a new housing solution. The PMCEU will develop approved house plans, estimate cost of the house and obtain statutory approvals for proprietary housing solutions, ranging from starter houses in the region of TT $150,000 to a complete housing solution within the Programme’s Ceiling of $300,000 in Trinidad or $350,000 in Tobago. The complete solution would be designed to be built incrementally but where the occupant can enjoy a habitable house.

  • Qualifying Criteria
    The household income must not exceed TT$96,000 per annum;
    The applicant must be a citizen and residing in Trinidad and Tobago;
    The applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years old;
    The applicant must not have benefitted from any housing subsidy offered by the MHUD and its agencies
    No applicant nor any other member of the household should own or be part owner of any property in Trinidad and Tobago


The applicant may select one of the PMCEU’s proprietary plans which has an estimated cost of materials and cost of construction or provide their own approved housing plan if:

  • The PMCEU determines that the total estimated cost of materials and cost of construction, is within the Programme’s ceiling; or
  • If they provide a report from an approved Quantity Surveyor (QS) confirming that the cost of the whole or part to be occupied can be completed within the Programme’s ceiling.


Construction on Beneficiary’s Land
Applicants who own land or have permission to occupy land and wish to construct a new housing solution will be eligible for a Housing Subsidy following:

  • Satisfaction of the Financial Institution or NGO requirements for a loan or mortgage; or having completed the necessary work or by showing evidence of the ability to carry out the construction of the residence to the required stage using savings or savings with sweat equity;
    If the work has already started, the builder’s estimate must include a valuation of the completed work (within the last 10 years) and an estimate of work to be done including labour cost for completion.