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The Home Improvement Grant (HIG) Programme forms part of Government’s holistic housing plan. Under this programme, the Ministry would provide a maximum of $15,000 to qualifying applicants to carry out approved repair/improvement works.

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The Home Improvement Subsidy Programme provides successful applicants with a matching subsidy of up to $20,000 to carry out approved home repairs/refurbishment work.

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The New Home Subsidies programme, as administered by the Programme Monitoring and Coordinating Unit of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, provides successful applicants with financial subsidies of $35,000 or $50,000.00 depending on their annual income. Applicants, whose monthly household income is $4,000 or less, are eligible for a Subsidy of $50,000, and those whose monthly household income is between $4,001 and $7,000 may receive a Subsidy of $35,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can someone apply for a Government-subsidised house?

What happens after the application has been received?

Information from the completed application form is entered into the Ministry’s database; Applicants then receive a reference number, username and password. The reference number identifies the applicant(s) on the database. (The username and password allow ...

Who can apply for a New Home Mortgage?

Any resident citizen of Trinidad and Tobago who: Is 21 years and over; Does not wholly or partly own a house or residential property; Earns no more than $25,000.00 per month.