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1: Find out what you can afford: Visit an approved lending agency to assess your financial status.


2: Seek legal advice: Engage the services of an attorney dealing in land matters to ensure that there are no legal and/or financial encumbrances to the land (e.g. by conducting a title search). To avoid any complications, it is advisable to ensure that the seller has the required Final or Full Town and Country Planning approvals prior to purchase.


3: Design your dream home: Contract the services of an architect or draughtsman to prepare your design plans and drawings for construction.


4: Get approval: Together with the deed, cadastral survey plan and the house plan, you can now apply for Final or Full Planning Permission from the Town and Country Planning Division (TCPD). The TCPD will then submit a copy of these plans to the relevant Municipal Corporation for the requisite approvals regarding the building’s health and safety requirements.


5Secure financing: The builder’s estimate and approved drawings must be provided to any financial lending agency before a mortgage can be approved.


6Hire Professionals: Engage the services of a contractor/builder and start building your dream home. It is advisable to enter into a contract with the contractor/builder.


7: Obtain the Completion Certificate:  Ensure that you build according to the approved plans in order to obtain your Final Completion Certificate within six (6) months of completion of construction. You must also submit this document to the mortgage or financial lending agency.