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Weekly Highlights Issue 7

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Weekly Highlights

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Over 1200 home improvements grants valued at $6.92Mn have been processed and disbursed in fiscal 2021, to deserving families whose gross monthly income does not exceed $5,000.00

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is mandated to provide Home Improvement Grants to low income households in order to effect critical home repairs. The Housing Programme Facilitation and Implementation Unit (HPFIU) of the Ministry, administers this grant to eligible persons once all the criteria have been met. The specific purpose of this grant, Read more

700 persons have been selected and are being processed for the Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme for Financial Year 2017-2018

The Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme is another new initiative of the Ministry, aimed at empowering persons to manage the construction of their own homes with financial and technical support from the state. This programme complements the existing Accelerated Housing Programme (Government-subsidised housing) and targets resident citizens without land as well as those with land.

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240 grants have been issued to deserving applicants over the past five years at a cost of $3.6M.

There are times when, because of the uncertainties and unpredictability of life, incidents occur that destroy or seriously damage the homes of our most vulnerable citizens. To this end, the Ministry provides short-term assistance in the form of an emergency relief grant up to a maximum of $15,000 to persons who may have found themselves

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Two hundred and seventy-nine (279) families in several communities across Trinidad have benefitted from the Housing and Village Improvement Programme.

The programme is designed to improve the housing conditions and community facilities of residents in rural and peri-urban areas. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has devised the most cost effective and innovative means of improving housing conditions of the most vulnerable. This Housing and Village Improvement Programme was implemented in 2017/2018. Under this Read more

Amendments to the Affordable Housing Programme – Increasing the opportunity for home ownership

Effective February 2017, the qualifying income of persons eligible for the 2% interest rate, has moved from $10,000 to $14,000: these persons can also now access properties valued up to $1M. Those earning between $14,001 and $30,000, can now benefit from a 5% interest rate and can access properties valued up to $1.5M

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Revision to the Ministry’s Allocation Policy – Low and Middle Income Families are not left behind

In order to ensure that low to middle income earning families are not left behind, the Ministry has reverted the approved income ceiling from $45,000 to $25,000.

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