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Keys to Home Ownership of Government-Subsidised Housing

  • Once you meet the qualifying criteria* you can submit an application to the T&T Housing Development Corporation (HDC) for consideration of possible allocation primarily through a random selection draw process;
  • Once the HDC identifies a housing development or units within a development that are ready for distribution, the HDC would then request approval of selling price from Cabinet ;
  • The T&T Mortgage Finance Company will recommend the salary ranges that will most likely be able to manage a mortgage portfolio for that property. Sometimes, TTMF may pre-qualify potential homeowners for quick sales;
  • Once the selection is completed, applicants are invited to assessment interviews where supporting documents are verified;
  • Successful applicants are then sent to TTMF, after which a shortlist of qualified applicants are compiled so that letters of offer  and loan agreements can be issued;
  • Persons would have an opportunity to either accept or refuse the letter of offer. Once the offer is accepted, the requisite legal and sale documents are drawn up and keys are distributed once the units are ready for occupation;
  • TTMF can go ahead and issue mortgages to eligible beneficiaries of the state housing programme; however, there will be situations when the HDC may issue a License agreement to the applicant until such time that the mortgage can be transferred to TTMF;
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