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Steps Involved in the Allocation of Public Housing

  • Steps Involved in the Allocation of Government-Subsidised Housing
  • Housing Application

    Complete and submit a housing application online at www.housing.gov.tt ; www.hdc.gov.tt or via hard copy at the Ministry or the HDC’s offices
  • Reference Number

    Receive a housing reference number from the Ministry or the Trinidad & Tobago Housing Development Corporation (HDC).
  • Modified Random Selection Draw

    Once a housing development is near completion, the Ministry conducts a  modifiedrandom selection draw, based on the Government’s Allocation Policy*;

                   Additional Notes:

    • 60% for eligible applicants via a Modified Random Selection Draw process;
    • 25% for special cases/emergencies (persons who would have lost their homes through natural disasters, fire, specific acts of violence such as domestic violence, incest) based on the recommendation of the Minister with responsibility for Housing;
    • 10% for members of the Joint Protective Services recommended by the Joint Protective Services Housing Committee;
    • 5% for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.
  • Selection Criteria

    An applicant is selected based on the eligibility criteria* of the housing programme and is considered for possible allocation through the random draw or through the recommendations of the Minister; Additional Notes: *selection criteria – • resident citizen of Trinidad and Tobago; • 21 years and over; • First time home owner; i.e. must not own or part-own any residential property; • Has a steady reliable income not exceeding $25,000 a month.
  • Financial Assessment Interview

    The selected applicant is then invited to attend a financial assessment interview to confirm the veracity of their application, their ability to service a mortgage or qualify for a tenancy agreement such as the Rent to Own or rental programme;
  • Shortlisting

    The applicant is shortlisted based the outcome of the assessment and the number of units which are available for distribution;
  • Administrative Process

    Once the short-listed applicant is approved for allocation, he/ she is  required to complete the administrative process  which includes but is not limited to, making a deposit (if necessary), licence fee* or payment towards  their mortgage with the Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited**, and  the signing of a sale agreement.

                     Additional Notes:

    • *(90% of the Licence fee paid is transferred to TTMF and 10% is retained by HDC or administrative costs);
    • **(The new income and property bands for potential homeowners to access the 2% interest rate are as follows –
      •  The monthly income must not exceed $14,000 and property values must not exceed $1M;
      • The new income and property bands for potential homeowners to access the 5% interest rate are as follows – The monthly income must not exceed $25,000 and  property values must not exceed $1.5M);
  • Allocation

    Once this process is complete, the approved potential home owner is allocated a unit based on their financial qualifications and availability of the desired unit (Single Family Unit, Duplex, Townhouse or apartment);
  • Presentation of Keys

    The keys are then presented to the new homeowner, either at the Housing Development Corporation of T&T (HDC) or at a ceremony at an external location.
  • The new homeowner is required to occupy the unit within one month of being allocated and advise the HDC of any defects that would need to be addressed.