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Correction: LSA did not participate in the demolition of illegal structures

The Land Settlement Agency (LSA) wishes to highlight and correct an article written by Shaliza Hassanali and Ralph Banwarie and published as the cover story of today’s Guardian newspaper titled “LSA demolishes 15 homes in Valencia”.

The LSA asserts that it nor its officers participated in yesterday’s demolition of illegal structures on State Lands in the Valencia area.

The LSA further reiterates that it is empowered by Act of Parliament No 25 of 1998 State Lands (Regularisation of Tenure) Act. Under its remit, it provides security of land tenure for eligible persons who were illegally occupying state lands prior to January 01, 1998.

For further information on the LSA’s role, remit and responsibility, please consult the State Land (Regularisation of Tenure) Act, 1998 or you can visit the Ministry’s website: www.housing.gov.tt or its Facebook page.

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