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How is someone selected for a home?

Once the HDC identifies a housing development that is almost near completion, a computerized, modified selection draw is conducted. Every application has an equal opportunity of being selected during this process. (Salary range of the applicant(s), number

of housing units available and, cost of units are just some of the weights used to determine the applicants that will be selected in any given draw).

  • Based on the selling price of the units, the Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company recommends the salary ranges applicable to accessing a mortgage.
  • Selected persons are contacted by the HDC and invited to attend an assessment interview At time of interview, applicants will be required to submit financial and legal documents, which will be identified in a letter.
  • Applicants found to be eligible, are then sent to the Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance


Company for a mortgage assessment

  • Following the mortgage assessment at TTMF, a listing is done of all suitably qualified persons
  • Letters of offer are then made to these persons
  • Once the units are completed and ready for distribution, the keys are handed over to the respective homeowners
  • Applicants who are unable to access mortgage arrangements may be considered for the rent-to-own or rental options.
  • An applicant always has the option to decline the unit they have been allocated and formally request that their application be ‘untagged’ and return to the pool of applicants in the database for selection in subsequent draws.