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Housing Minister Oversees Relocation of Oropune Fire Victims

Housing Minister Camille Robinson-Regis oversees the urgent relocation of
victims of today’s fire at an apartment located in Building 222, Oropune
Gardens, Piarco.

Minister Robinson-Regis expressed her concern for the welfare of the victims,
noting that “this is indeed a very traumatic time for the owner, especially as her two
children are currently abroad. The HDC will therefore do everything it can to
ameliorate her circumstances. Already a vacant unit has been identified in another
HDC community not far from Oropune, and the unit will be prepared for her to be
relocated on a temporary basis.” She added, “In the interim, the Oropune property
will be secured and restoration works will begin at the earliest opportunity.”
HDC officials received a report of a fire at the Oropune Apartment, which has been
estimated to have started at approximately 9:00am today. The Trinidad and Tobago
Fire Service responded and were able to prevent the blaze from extending to the
adjacent apartments.
Personnel from HDC’s Estate Management and Health and Safety Departments
have already conducted preliminary site visits and, along with the Fire Services,
will return to the scene later today.
Minister Robinson-Regis thanked the personnel from the Fire Services for their
quick response and for ensuring that no other families were unduly affected by the