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Minister Beckles attends Launch of HDC’s Decentralized Services at Mon Repos, San Fernando

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development the Honourable Pennelope Beckles was pleased today to see the implementation of her recommendation to the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) that their service offerings be decentralized and be offered at the HDC San Fernando office.

This initiative which was launched today, will bring untold benefits to existing and potential clients of the HDC. In addition to its digital, online and e-service platforms, these decentralized services, which include Customer Allocations, Mortgage and Rentals, Social and Community and Sales, will further enhance the HDC’s customer care portfolio and bring much needed relief to its customers in the Southland.


Under the Public Housing Programme, the HDC is responsible for the construction and maintenance of several housing communities in San Fernando and environs. Therefore, it improves accessibility when clients of the HDC do not have to travel long distances in order to transact business related to their housing acquisition or tenancy.

Further, the initiative comes at a time when persons are being encouraged to utilize services closer to home and avoid unnecessary movement consistent with current Covid 19 restrictions.  It is all about keeping our customers as safe as possible while accessing our services.


In addition to the Honourable Minister of Housing and Urban Development Pennelope Beckles, also in attendance at the  Launch were His Worship the Mayor of San Fernando, Junia Regrello, the Honourable Brian Manning, MP for San Fernando East, the Honourable Adrian Leonce, Minister in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Claire Davidson-Williams, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Noel Garcia, Chairman of the HDC and Jayselle MacFarlane, Managing Director of the HDC.