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Minister Beckles receives Computer Tablets for Distribution to Students of Beetham Excel Primary School

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, the Honourable Pennelope Beckles attended a handing over ceremony of computer devices, which was held at the office of the East Port of Spain Development Company Limited (EPOSDC).

The Minister received thirty (30) computer tablets from private donors Dave Singh and his daughter, Christyana Singh of San Fernando. The presentation was made to the Principal and a student representative of the Beetham Excel Primary School.

The East Port of Spain Development Company Limited had made a similar presentation in October, 2020 which was aired on national television and viewed by Christyana. Christyana who then selflessly encouraged her dad Dave to make a Ministry of Housing and Urban Development similar donation to the school, as she wanted the students to have the same learning opportunities that she enjoyed.

The restrictions of the pandemic delayed the process of procuring the tablets, and it was not until June of this year that the Singhs’ finally received them. They then communicated their desire to offer the devices to the school and requested that EPOSDC facilitate the presentation.

In addition to the Honourable Minister, the Honourable Adrian Leonce Minister in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Deborah Thomas-Austin, Managing Director of EPOSDC, Dave and Christyana Singh and Ms. Anne Antoine, Principal of Beetham Excel Primary School, were also present at the handing over ceremony. (See Photos below)