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In keeping with his promise to tour the various agencies that fall under the purview of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the Honourable  Major General (Ret’d) Edmund Dillon toured the East Side Plaza and New City Mall earlier this week.

Accompanied by Ms. Simone Thorne-Mora – Permanent Secretary and other Senior Executives of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Minister Dillon took the opportunity to meet with the Management and representatives of the Tenants Association of both facilities.

In speaking to both groups, he indicated that this was a unique opportunity for them to share their concerns and challenges with him and the ministry’s team with the view of working together to find solutions.

Minister Dillon indicated to the groups that “once we plant good seeds we trust that we will get good fruits”. He further used the analogy of a car with a small rear-view mirror which looks to the past and a large forward windscreen which depicts the larger picture, that of the future and the possibilities ahead. This was used to reiterate his position that he was here to help them move forward and by working together collaboratively he expects to see good results.

Following the meetings Minister Dillon took the opportunity to tour the malls and meet both the tenants and shoppers who were delighted that he took the time to meet with them and hear their concerns.