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Ministry launches Housing 101 Guide and Expo

Thousands of persons, today, graced the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre with their presence as they converged on the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development’s Housing 101 Expo. The day was marked by a series of firsts; the first comprehensive housing manual and the first ever housing expo by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

With over 30 booths, the housing expo allowed attendees to explore various alternative housing options, both in the public and private sector. Participants also had the opportunity to participate in a series of interactive talks, aptly dubbed ‘Home-Talks’. Topics included:

  • Housing and Disabilities
  • How to be energy efficient in homes to save costs and contribute to environmental sustainability
  • How to become a homeowner by age 30
  • How to build a starter home for less than $150,000
  • The Automation of the Construction Permitting System
  • How to go about choosing a Home on the Open Market

Today, also saw the launch of a comprehensive manual for persons desirous of becoming homeowners, the ‘Know How Guide- Housing 101 Manual’. The Ministry views the manual as an important tool to assist potential buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords, and those interested in purchasing land to construct their own homes.  It contains a wealth of information that is multi-sectoral in its coverage; and, it is presented in a format that is attractive and easy to understand.

This manual presents the citizenry with a  unique opportunity to educate themselves and in so doing, confidently navigate the property market, exercising due diligence and enjoying seamless transactions whether they choose to rent, lease, purchase, sell or construct.