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Prize Distribution: LSA’s Letter Writing Competition- Letter to the Future Generation on the Negatives of Squatting

Congratulations to the winner of the LSA Letter Writing Competition, Seema Kadir!

Seema Kadir’s submission received the highest number of likes and favorable emoji’s.

On July 5, 2017, Seema Kadir received her brand new phone courtesy bmobile for her winning letter at the TSTT Hospitality Suite, Queen’s Park Oval.

Congratulations Seema!

If you missed it, here is Seema’s letter:

Dear Generations to Come:

Despite the ingenuity of many households to meet their shelter needs, there are several negative impacts of squatting, all interrelated.

Squatting perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Squatter settlements are typified by deprivations, such as access to basic amenities (water, electricity, toilet facilities), education, and income. This, along with the stereotyping of squatters, contributes to alienation. Coping mechanisms are limited, often resulting in criminality, substance abuse, etc.

Squatting affects the environment. Watershed degradation due to the removal of vegetation cover to erect structures, and the pollution of water courses due to poor waste disposal methods, lead to increased flooding.

The domino effects of squatting are economically burdensome. Economically viable lands, zoned for agriculture and industries, are lost. This is coupled with costs incurred from ameliorating environmental and social issues.

The solution to squatting requires the provision of adequate and affordable housing for all, through collective action.


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