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Over 1200 home improvements grants valued at $6.92Mn have been processed and disbursed in fiscal 2021, to deserving families whose gross monthly income does not exceed $5,000.00

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is mandated to provide Home Improvement Grants to low income households in order to effect critical home repairs. The Housing Programme Facilitation and Implementation Unit (HPFIU) of the Ministry, administers this grant to eligible persons once all the criteria have been met.

The specific purpose of this grant, is to equip low income households with the necessary funding to conduct basic structural repairs, which will enhance their living conditions, maintain the national housing stock, and reduce the annual demand for new homes. This $15,000.00 non-refundable grant is awarded to qualifying, resident citizens who can show proof of land tenure or permission to legally occupy the premises in addition to the stipulated monthly income.  For fiscal 2021, approximately 600 families would have benefitted from the Home Improvement Grant Programme