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Letter to the Editor- Dr. Moonilal is misleading the public

Dear Editor,

Dr. Moonilal is misleading the public

Reference is made to an article titled “Moonilal queries delay in providing army report on AG’s children” which appeared on Page 11 of the Wednesday July 12 edition of your newspaper.

In the article, it is reported that “Moonilal said two officials linked to the probe are beneficiaries of Housing Development Corporation (HDC) units. He said HDC units are not meant for any person who already owns properties. “How come you give them access to HDC housing? Was that also part of an inducement?”

Dr. Moonilal is alluding to two purchasers of apartment units in the Victoria Keyes Development, Diego Martin, which was formally opened in February 2017. At this launch, I indicated in my Address (which was widely covered by the print and electronic media) that 206 units in this development are available for sale on the open market. To clarify further, these 206 units are advertised and available for sale to anyone who is financially able to meet the purchase prices subject to the usual financial due diligence.

The two officials referred to by Dr. Moonilal have, in fact, satisfied the requirements and entered into sales agreements for the purchase of two of the 206 units at Victoria Keyes, Diego Martin through a transparent sales process.

Dr. Moonilal continues to place this inaccurate information in the public domain and this is indeed quite unfortunate.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to clarify this situation and I sincerely hope that through this platform, I am able to motivate Dr. Moonilal to re-acquaint himself with the facts.


Randall Mitchell, MP

Minister of Housing and Urban Development



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