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The East Port-of-Spain Development Company is a Limited Liability Company, wholly owned by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and established under the Companies Act 1995. The Company having been incorporated by Cabinet in September, 2005, is mandated to:

Develop and redevelop a zone in East Port-of-Spain, bounded by Charlotte Street, Lady Young Road and the Eastern Main Road and including Morvant, Never Dirty and Caledonia, to improve the economic, social and physical environment of those areas.

The boundaries of East Port-of-Spain were subsequently expanded to include the communities of Beetham Estates, Sea Lots and Katanga.

The Company which is governed by a Board of Directors has as its strategic focus a comprehensive and integrated planning and development of the area under its jurisdiction. The Company receives funding from the Infrastructure Development Fund, which it is restricted to use for physical infrastructure projects only.

The Company’s main operational strategies are:

  • Comprehensive and Integrated Development Planning
  • Public Consultations and Participation
  • Project Identification
  • Project Implementation via direct development, institutional coordination and development facilitation

Healthy, safe, economically vibrant, sustainable communities fully integrated into the Greater Port of Spain Metropolitan Area and the wider society.

To achieve the transformation of East Port of Spain through economic, social and physical regeneration.

To achieve economic, social and physical regeneration through sustainable transformation, in partnership with community and key stakeholders.

The development strategy for East Port of Spain is essentially an urban regeneration/revitalization strategy. Urban Regeneration in East Port of Spain will achieve physical, social and economic transformation through creation of an attractive environment for investing, living and working in EPOS.

Core Principles guiding the Company’s development strategy

  • Upholding the rights of citizens to participate in plan formulation, implementation and evaluation.
  • Cultivating meaningful partnerships and collaboration between governments, the private sector, communities, civic society and residents.
  • Utilising a comprehensive and integrated approach to achieving community regeneration through economic, social, physical and cultural development.
  • Guaranteeing the rights of citizens to a safe, healthy and attractive environment for investing, living and working.
  • Creating social and economic balance in the structure of the community.
  • Safeguarding the rights of residents to maintain a residential location within East Port of Spain.
  • Achieving economic regeneration by nurturing businesses and entrepreneurship; creating productive employment opportunities and stimulating private sector investment.
  • Using local human resources where possible.
  • Creating self-sustaining communities independent of patronage.
  • Ensuring that all citizens regardless of their gender, race, religion, disability or political affiliation have access to an adequate level of shelter, community facilities and services consistent with Govt’s strategy.

Overall Strategy includes:

  • Redevelopment of derelict sites, vacant land and buildings and rehabilitation of identified communities;
  • Businesses development and entrepreneurship;
  • Establishment and maintenance of partnerships with the communities and key stakeholders.

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