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The urban renewal portfolio is intended to ensure that our towns and cities, particularly our nation’s capital, become modern and sustainable communities that are safe and attractive for those who live, work and play within its boundaries. Our plan is to transform and revitalize the eastern part of Port of Spain and develop modern self-sufficient districts with integrated housing designs, infrastructure, related businesses and social amenities.

In this regard, the East Port of Spain Development Company (EPOSDC) is charged with the responsibility of carrying out infrastructural development to improve the lives of citizens in East Port of Spain. The company is also involved in restoration works of sporting and cultural facilities.

The Government is also mindful that economic sustainability is key to the successful regeneration of East Port of Spain.  New City Mall and East Side Plaza, together with the EPOSDC, play a pivotal role in realising this objective. This regeneration also involves the nurturing of the entrepreneurial spirit of our citizens particularly the residents of East Port of Spain so as to encourage economic growth and financial independence. These entities are well poised to become the instruments of change needed to transform the economic landscape of East Port of Spain.