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Slide Your desire for homeownership is what drives
our enthusiasm to deliver even more.
Slide We believe that quality affordable housing is the base that promotes good health
and economic prosperity and we want the residents in our communities to be motivated and inspired to live their best lives.
Slide We have been working hard so that you can reap the benefits of our hard work.
We understand what homeownership is about and we understand the benefits that quality, affordable shelter can provide to families.
Slide Home ownership is about being able to provide safe living conditions
for you and your loved ones. Home ownership is about ensuring that you and your families can live rewarding lives.




Government-Subsidised Housing


Tax Exemptions


Home Improvement Grant


Home Construction Subsidy Programme


Home Improvement Subsidy Programme


Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme


Residential Lots by Former Petrotrin Employees


Freedom of Information Act 1990 Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How can someone apply for a Government-subsidised house?

What happens after the application has been received?

Information from the completed application form is entered into the Ministry’s database; Applicants then receive a reference number, username and password. The reference number identifies the applicant(s) on the database. (The username and password allow ...

Who can apply for a New Home Mortgage?

Any resident citizen of Trinidad and Tobago who: Is 21 years and over; Does not wholly or partly own a house or residential property; Earns no more than $25,000.00 per month.