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  • The Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Committee (SILWC) Act, Ch 64:05 was established to provide proper housing solutions for sugar workers and cane farmers to raise their standard of living.


  • Since its establishment, SILWC has assisted the farmers and workers with the construction of approximately fourteen thousand homes over the years, thereby creating vibrant communities across Trinidad. As such, SILWC is one of the largest land owners in T&T with twenty-four housing developments within its portfolio, which are maintained according to the ordinances of the respective Regional and Municipal Corporations.


  • SILWC is also responsible for processing Home Improvement Grants and Subsidies on behalf of the Line Ministry.


Responsibilities of the Board


  • SILWC’s Board has oversight to acquire real or personal property anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago and for any estate or interest therein via purchase, transfer, assignment, donation, exchange, gifts, bequest, grants and conveyance. The Board could also sell, demise, grant, convey, exchange or otherwise dispose of and deal with all property which may from time to time be vested in SILWC.


  • The Board has the power to recommend to the Commissioner of State Lands, the sale of properties that are in arrears of mortgage.


  • The Board is solely responsible for the disbursements from the Sugar Welfare Fund which is used to execute infrastructural works in the Housing Developments. Therefore, no works can be executed in any of the housing developments without the permission of the Board.

“To be the leader in rural development by providing housing solutions and community management with a committed, innovative and empowered team”.

“To create sustainable communities with affordable housing units within rural developments, utilizing our experience and partnering with major stakeholders”.

  • The provision of soft loans for first time home construction and repair/renovation loans;
  • The development of housing settlements; and,
  • The maintenance of the infrastructure in the housing settlements.
Contact Details

SILWC’s Main Office
Corner Dove and Balisier Avenues,
Telephone Nos:  636-2771/2 and 679-7264; 623-(HOME) 4663
Fax: 679-0544
E-mail:  silwc@live.com

SILWC’s Sub Office,
Birjah’s Building,
Corner Rushworth and Independence Avenues,
San Fernando.
Telephone No/Fax: (868)652-2642.