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New City Mall, which was formally established in 1997, is a shopping facility owned by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago. It’s ideally located at 41 Independence Square and 3 Charlotte Street, POS making it virtually the first and last Mall on entering and exiting the capital city downtown. Its tenancy comprises 120 entrepreneurs, seventy five (75) percent of whom are representative of the original Tent City Tenants Association. The Mall is managed by a cabinet approved Board of Directors to ensure the administrative and operational functioning of the Mall.

The Government’s policy for the Mall’s operations was formulated based on a type of business incubator system, whereby prospective small retail traders would be allowed temporary accommodation at a modest fee to help them grow and develop their businesses. After an agreed time frame they would move on to other commercial accommodations to continue and even expand their business enterprises.

There are many retail shops and services in the Mall to offer customers a culturally enriching experience. Shop owners provide shoppers with an array of goods from exotic African wear to specialty sizes in adult apparel, accessories, shoes, jewellery and electronic sales and services. Also available are shops offering food and beverage as well as confectionery. Services include photography, shipping, floral design and decor, tailoring and shoe repairs, hairdressing, barbering and counselling.

The Mall, when it was initially established, fell under the purview of the Ministry of Local Government but it has now been placed under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in keeping with GoRTT’s thrust to contribute to the economic, social and physical regeneration of east Port of Spain.

To create a space for a mix of micro and traditional businesses so as to expand entrepreneurship, facilitate growth and financial independence of its prospective tenants

To increase opportunities for job and wealth creation and ultimately contribute to the economic, social and physical transformation of east Port of Spain.

To provide an avenue for the establishment and development of an entrepreneurial spirit among nationals.

To assist entrepreneurs to grow and develop their businesses using a business incubator type system

To create economic wealth and contribute to the economic, social and physical transformation of east Port of Spain..

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