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Thirty-one members of the Protective Service receive keys to HDC homes

On Wednesday May 17, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Randall Mitchell and his Cabinet colleague, National Security Minister Edmund Dillon presented keys to thirty-one members of the protective services who met the requirements for Government-subsidised housing in fulfillment of the government policy of 10% allocation to that group . This presentation took place at the

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Correction: LSA did not participate in the demolition of illegal structures

The Land Settlement Agency (LSA) wishes to highlight and correct an article written by Shaliza Hassanali and Ralph Banwarie and published as the cover story of today’s Guardian newspaper titled “LSA demolishes 15 homes in Valencia”. The LSA asserts that it nor its officers participated in yesterday’s demolition of illegal structures on State Lands in

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Owning your first home has never been this easy through the TTMF

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has revised the Affordable Housing Programme. If your household income is $14,000 or lower per month, you can now access 2% mortgage financing for properties (HDC or on the Open Market) valued up to TT$1,000,000. Features of the 2% facility: A graduated payment mortgage arrangement is Read more