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700 persons have been selected and are being processed for the Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme for Financial Year 2017-2018

The Government’s Aided Self-Help Housing Programme is another new initiative of the Ministry, aimed at empowering persons to manage the construction of their own homes with financial and technical support from the state. This programme complements the existing Accelerated Housing Programme (Government-subsidised housing) and targets resident citizens without land as well as those with land.


Under this programme, the State through the Ministry facilitated by the Land Settlement Agency has created the enabling environment in which beneficiaries manage the construction of their own homes. Government will provide fully developed (subsidised) lots, as well as the framework for accessing mortgage loans through the Trinidad and Tobago Mortgage Finance Company Limited (TTMF). Beneficiaries of the programme will also have access to pre-approved house plans for a nominal fee and technical assistance for the construction of their owner occupied homes. Additionally, persons who own land or who have access to land but require affordable financing, house plans and technical support to construct their homes will be included under this Programme.

700 persons have been selected and are now being processed to determine landlessness and financial qualification for the programme before being allocated.  There were also 194 persons with land who applied for financial assistance and technical support.